The Longshot Birthday Party

It seems really hard to believe, but it has been 10 years since we released our most requested album THE LONGSHOT!

And so to celebrate this fact we’re going to perform the whole album live for the very first time! And we’ll do it so you all can see… on a Live Stream show on Thursday 25th June.

You may be wondering why we haven’t done this before – Well… some of the songs are SO hard to perform live that we’ve never got them right (ask Stu about singing songs in 5/4) or we have chickened out of trying in the first place as the arrangments were tricky.

But now we have the time to practice we are going to give it a go! So it would be amazing if you can tune into the concert and give us some encouragement… or just laugh when Stu messes up 🙂

The concert will be on FaceBook live starting around 7:30pm. And again to make donating easier for you we are offering VIP TICKETS at £10 per person via our website including a free EXCLUSIVE Download Album of the show for you to enjoy at any time!

We better go and practice 🙂

Thanks for the support & we’ll see you in two weeks for the party…

Debs & Stu

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