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con-tra-dic-shun is the brand new studio album from MEGSON.

Comprising 5 MEGSON originals and 5 traditional songs on the theme of contradictions and conversations this is MEGSON back at their best. Again featuring the energetic double-bass playing of John Parker (Nizlopi).

Comes with two IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD tracks from the album.

Full Tracklist:

  1. are you sitting comfortably
  2. contradicshun
  3. the new girl
  4. voice of the nation
  5. toast : jackey & jenny
  6. i drew my ship into the harbour
  7. two sides to every conversation
  8. the keach in the creel
  9. barrington judo club
  10. a week away in the caravan

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1 review for Contradicshun

  1. Alessandro Piva (verified owner)

    Very good music guys .. i love it . I knew you from deezer listeing to “Are you sitting comfortably”. Can’t wait to have here the album . May I ask you the chords for “are you sitting ” ?

    • megson

      Hiya – glad you like it! It’s basically Am/C position on capo 4 but starting with A major – hope that helps – I should do video sometime 🙂

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